In the beginning: It was a quiet day in 1992, seven shareholders got together and formed Tausi Assurance Company limited. The company opened its doors quietly but confidently for business in 1993 in Westlands, with a paid up capital of KShs.20 million and a staff of nine.
Customer first
The confidence came from having a simple and clear objective: the world is far from perfect and sometimes things don’t happen the way we hope or plan. Neither individuals nor companies can perform at their best if they aren’t assured that their interests and assets are well protected. Tausi provides that assurance in their general insurance range of products.We are different because our range of products puts our customers first, because we are passionate about providing only the best service, and we aim to build satisfying relationships with our customers. Our procedures and processes are designed and constantly upgraded to meet our clients’ specific needs and provide lasting solutions for every problem that they may approach us with.TAUSI LOGO_001


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