How to complain and/or raise your concerns

  1. It must be in writing (letter, fax or e-mail) or via telephone with an official of Tausi Assurance.
    You can also meet our Grievance Officer in person at our physical office.
  1. Provide: Name and Address Details and Policy Number, Claim Number or ID number of the insured.
  1. Be specific about the issue and provide all the important facts (including events) that may have a bearing.
  1. Provide copies of all documents that have relevance to the issue (i.e. letters, quotations, previous correspondence, etc.).
  1. Provide proof of any losses sustained where applicable.
  1. Specify a solution/remedial action you believe is required to resolve your issue. 

Our contact details

The contact details for our Grievance Officer are as follows:

The Procedure

  1. All complaints/concerns will be acknowledged in writing via email and a ticket number will be allocated to it. This is the reference number that Tausi will use in regards to all correspondence pertaining to that particular matter.
  1. Your complaint/concern will then be allocated to the appropriate area for resolution and you will receive an email from the grievance officer within 24 hours providing you with details of the officer handling your complaint/concern.
  1. The officer handling your complaint/concern, will revert in writing via email, with a solution within 48 hours.
  1. Once a conclusive solution has been provided, our Grievance Officer will contact you to ensure that your complaint/concern has been fully resolved to your satisfaction.
  1. If within eight (8) weeks of receipt of your complaint Tausi has been unable to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, and you wish to pursue the matter further, your complaint may be lodged with the
    Consumer Protection Division, Insurance Regulatory Authority.
The contact details for the Consumer Protection Division are as follows: