Golfers (Sportsman)

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Cover against any sudden and accidental damage of sports equipment, clothing, accidents caused by the insured whilst playing, damage to property, personal accidents and hole-in-one incidents subject to exclusions as per the policy schedule of exclusions.


  1. This covers the sports equipment for loss or damage anywhere in Kenya. Sports such as Golf, tennis, badminton, squash or bowls equipment
  2. Loss or damage caused by Fire, lightning or theft of clothing and personal effects belonging to the Insured is covered whilst in any club house, pavilion shop or professional’s shop.
  3. Covers the Insured if they are held legally liable to pay a third party costs in respect of any accident caused while playing or practicing golf, tennis, badminton, squash or bowling at any recognized course, court or ground in Kenya.
  4. Personal Accident coverage; If the insured meets with an accident whilst playing or practicing golf, tennis, badminton, squash or bowls

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