The Board is conscious of the Company’s social responsibility and has ensured that the community at large and the environment has benefited from funds that have been channeled to various worthy causes.

Employees have also participated in some of the CSR activities. Listed below are just a few of the projects that the Company has supported over the years:

  • Lions gift of sight first project by sponsoring corneal grafts for two eyes of a needy person.
  • Amara Charitable Trust donation towards the construction of five classrooms at Kwa Kalusya Primary School
  • Lukenya – Contributing towards the medical costs of a needy patient with a tumor.
  • Food for life, Water for life Charity that has an ongoing program for feeding the needy and is also providing water to communities by the rehabilitation of boreholes in semi arid areas.
  • Environmental Conservation by sponsoring and planting 2000 trees in Ragia Forest near Susumwa dam with my Millennium tree campaign.
  • The Jaipur Foot Trust by the donation of 50 Jaipur feet.
  • The Rhino Ark Charitable Trust – Assisting various needy students with their school fees.
  • Sponsorship for the tennis banda at the Thika Gymkhana
  • Deka Water Project, Donating tapped water to the community.
  • Bondeni Primary School, Donation of ICT equipment to the School.
  • Amara Charitable organization donation towards construction of 50 bed boys dormitory at katanani High School and 6 classrooms at Kitengela Magareza Secondary School.