Marine open cover

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This cover provides a blanket cover against loss or damage to all goods transported by a specific carrier, or by a specific shipper, during a stated period.

The terms applicable in the policy are agreed in advance at the beginning of the policy period but premiums are charged as and when the actual shipment is done.


Insured will need to periodically provide the under listed items in the case Marine open cover

  • General description of the goods
  • Maximum value payable under the policy
  • How the goods will be valued
  • Countries or places to or from which the goods will be insured

Some of the perils insured against in our Marine cover include but not limited to the following:

  • Fire & Explosion
  • Stranding, Grounding, sinking or capsizing
  • Overturning or derailment of land conveyance Collision
  • Discharge at port of distress
  • Total loss of Vessel
  • General average sacrifice
  • Jettison of cargo
  • Earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning
  • Washing overboard
  • Entry of sea, lake, river water to hold or container
  • Total loss of package during loading/unloading
  • Rainwater
  • Malicious Damage
  • Breakage
  • Shortage
  • Pilferage
  • Theft

Our main Marine Cover Exclusions

  • – Piracy
  • Willful misconduct of the insured (the merchant)
  • Ordinary leakage, loss in weight, wear and tear of goods
  • Insufficient packing, inadequate storage in a container, inherent vice, or goods deterioration caused by delay
  • Insolvency or financial default of the owners, managers and so on, of the vessel.
  • Loss or damage due to nuclear weapons/radiations
  • Deductible/excess
  • Loss due to unseaworthiness of vessel
  • Consequential loss

To make a claim under our Marine Cover, you will be required to attach the following documents, which list may change from time to time depending on the circumstance.

  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Sea waybill
  • Air way bill
  • CMR Consignment note
  • Carrier’s response / settlement
  • A subrogation form

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